Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;     


The Woman In Black. The Keegsan Theatre. 2013

Leembruggen, with such a haunted face, shows the power of subtlety where others would exaggerate (Roger Caitlin, The Washington Post)

Leembruggen's stocky body is somehow expressive even when he's just standing there, his broad, ruddy face looking sorrowful and haunted. Because truly superb acting doesn't look like acting, it's difficult to describe. But here it is. (Chris Klimek, Washington City Paper) 

Leembruggen's performance is devasting. Watch his face as the Actor reenacts his past - it's happening all over again. (Rebecca Evans, DC Theatre Scene)

 Robert Leembruggen's heart melting performance was seamless. (G. Blaise Hoeler,

 Leembruggen posesses a beautifully modulated speaking voice as he delivers each part he plays with gusto (David Frisic, DC Metro Theatre Arts)

 Special recognition goes to Leembruggen who plays each townsperson with professional distinction. His performance, in particular , makes the narrative all the more clearer. (Jacob Kresloff, (

Cyranno De Bergerac. Vpstart Crow. 2003

This is Robert Leembruggen's moment, as actor and role come together via the magic of theater. Long and respected character actor, Leemburuggen is finally the leading man, and his bravura performance is stirring and fun. (Michael Toscano, The Washington Post)

The Field. The Keegan Theater. 1998

Robert Leembruggen plays the rough yet almost poetic farmer Bull McCabe with effective bombast. You won't come away liking the character, nor should you. (Scott McCaffry, Sun Weekly)

Leembruggen is chillingly ruthless in this role... the result of his superb acting is not a sympathetic character but a fully human one. (Jamie Grayboes, The Review)

With Leembruggen scowling and growling, and everone else on stage shrinking from him, the evening acquires a certain melodramatic punch. (Bob Mondello, The City Paper)

A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Keegan Thearer. 1999

Leembruggen, who is reminiscent of Sir Richard Attenborough, displays a subtle, but appreciated versatility playing both carpenter Peter Quince, and Egeus. (Rick Muirragui, Potomac News)

The Merchant of Venice. Vpstart Crow. 1999

Leembruggen delivers a compelling performance, but his best work comes during the play's climax. (Gail Cochran, Potomac News)

Indie Capital Awards 2014

Robert Leembruggen (Left) Best Supporting Actor with Rick Kain Best Actor for The Henchman's War.

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